These Cities Can Help You Stay Active During Retirement

Retirement comes with a lot of emotions. You may be excited to quit working full-time, but you might be nervous about the extra time you will have. Will you have enough social interaction, will you still feel like you have a purpose, etc.

Well there are certain cities you can live in that have plenty of options for retirees to stay active. Coventry Direct just released its list of the best cities for retirees to live based on their hobbies.

They used Yelp listings to determine which U.S. cities are the best for retirees who enjoy fitness, art, and learning new skills & getting involved.

Starting with fitness, the three best cities are Miami, Phoenix, and LA. According to the analysis, all of these cities provide a lot of opportunities for golfing, yoga, and learning to swim and dance. Also, the climates in these three cities are ideal for outdoor activities.

Next up are the best cities for retirees with arts hobbies. If golfing isn’t your thing, maybe painting is! The top three cities for retirees with a passion for the arts are LA, San Diego, and Riverside, CA. All California cities! We guess it’s true when people say the west coast is the best coast…at least for the arts.

And the final category looked at was the best cities for retirees who want to learn a new skill. If staying active through establishing new skills is your thing then these three cities are for you: Miami, San Francisco, and New York City. According to the analysis, these cities have the most opportunities to learn new languages, take cooking classes, or volunteer.

Yes, retirement can be an exciting time, but it does come with its uncertainties. Stay active, get involved, and enjoy your retirement days!

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