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7 Essential Signs For Restaurants And Cafes

Clear signs are essential for workplace safety, especially in restaurants and cafes. Signs can also make a customer’s experience more enjoyable by making parking easier, for example, or making it clear where the toilets are. If you own a restaurant or cafe, check that you have these essential signs and if you don’t, visit The Sign Shed to find one of the biggest ranges of professional signs.

Food Safety Signs

Food safety is essential in any restaurant or cafe and having the appropriate signs around your kitchens encourages staff to adhere to strict food hygiene rules. This ensures that you always serve high quality food and follow safety regulations.

Hand washing

The most basic signs can be extremely helpful in ensuring staff always follow regulations. Hand washing is essential not just for those preparing the food, but for anyone in the food production area, or in your kitchen. This helps to reduce the risk of germs in your kitchen.

While hand washing might seem simple, an eye-catching sign helps to enforce it and remind staff of your regulations.

workplace signs

Hair Nets

There are few things worse than a customer complaining that there’s a hair in their food. Not only would it give your restaurant or cafe a bad reputation, but it is also very unhygienic. Enforcing the wearing of hair nets prevents this and the easiest way to remind staff of the kitchen rules are with signs

There is lots of other protective clothing that should be worn in a restaurant kitchen, such as aprons or gloves for handling certain foods.

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Food Contamination

Food contamination is a serious problem that can lead to illness and food poisoning. Signs to prevent contamination are essential as they help staff stick to safety regulations, such as keeping raw food within certain areas. You can get signs that also inform staff that they have to clean up after themselves in order to keep work spaces bacteria-free.

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Staff Safety

Kitchens can be dangerous environments so it’s vital that you have measures in place to keep staff as safe as possible. Clear signs are one of the essential ways you can make your kitchen a safe environment for your team. They inform people of potential dangers so individuals can take action to avoid risk.


Surfaces or areas that could post a risk of burns need to be properly labelled so staff are aware of the hazard. A ‘Caution Hot’ sign helps people to behave appropriately around hot surfaces and reduces the risk of contact with a surface that could cause a burn.

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First Aid

It’s important that every member of staff can access first aid if they need it. There are lots of laws in place around having first aid kits/stations in the workplace, but being able to find these are vital. Signs help people to know where they can access first aid if a situation ever arose, from eye wash stations to first aid boxes.

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Customer Signs

While signs are vital for food safety and to keep your staff safe in the kitchens, signs are also essential for customer experience. They help customers to better navigate your space and makes their overall experience at your restaurant smoother and more enjoyable.

Access Signs

Every business is under a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to make their building accessible for people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. If you have access ramps or disabled parking spaces, then it’s important that those who need them can easily find them. Signs are essential for this.

You can find a huge range of disabled access signs which include arrows that indicate where disabled access can be found through to signs that show moveable access ramps are available. View more disabled access signs with The Sign Shed.

Toilet Signs

It’s also vital that guests can find your toilets easily as this will make their experience much more comfortable! Toilet signs are used to label toilet doors with male/female/unisex/disabled toilets, as well as show customers where the toilets are.

workplace signs

Using appropriate signage is essential in every restaurant or cafe as it helps create a safe space that can serve customers as best as possible.

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