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5 Ways To Add Value To Your Property

When you are considering selling your property, it’s important to think of ways that you may be able to add value to it. With a fluctuating economy, it’s good to know that even when property prices reduce, you may still be able to sell your home for a health profit.

However, to do so, you must make the necessary home improvements. Even if you’re not thinking about moving anytime soon, you may wish to in the future. Completing any works that could contribute to the overall value of your home may leave you in a better position when you do eventually decide to sell up and move on.

With the time and resources, you can transform your home into a contemporary living space which in itself, becomes a profitable investment.

Here are 5 fool proof ways to add value to your property:

Replace Your Doors & Windows

Single glazed windows and wooden front doors can present new homeowners with a range of issues and in most cases, can deter them from even making an offer on your home. Choosing to buy new windows and doors for your property can increase the thermal efficiency of your home, in addition to presenting a modern aesthetic, even within period properties. All of which increase the saleability of your home.

In fact, if you do purchase new windows and doors, you could increase your property’s value by up to 3-7%. This means that you would be presenting potential buyers with a long list of benefits as a result of new windows and doors being installed.

Redo Your Kitchen

Traditional kitchens can seem outdated to many and ultimately, off-putting. Modern homeowners are now seeking contemporary designs of open plan kitchens to enjoy for years to come and would much rather invest more in a home with a completely new kitchen, rather than having to refurbish the room themselves.

A new kitchen can add up to 10% value to your property, so it’s something worth considering, especially if it has been a long time since your kitchen was installed.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Gone are the days of colourful bathroom suites and carpeted bathroom floors. If your bathroom requires substantial modernisation, get it sorted sooner rather than later. Nowadays, people are looking for clean and stylish bathrooms and en-suites, ready to use without the necessity of renovation.

A brand new bathroom suite, suitably tiled and fitted, can add 5-8% value to your home, and can speed up the process of selling.

Rethink A Home Extension

Rather than moving straight away, many homeowners choose to add an extension to their property. This way, they can choose to stay if they want to, or if they decide to sell, they know that their property will sell for much more. The average extension in the UK costs around £40,000 and is a sound investment. By adding an extension to your home, you can certainly add up to 20% to the value of your property.

A home extension can give you that all-important space you need without the hassle of having to move to a new house. Of course, if you’re selling up, your property will be much more desirable to prospective buyers looking for a forever home.

Review Your Curb Appeal

The ‘curb appeal’ of your home is essentially the first impression your property makes on people from a street view. Well-maintained, aesthetically-pleasing outdoor areas, modern windows and doors, and contemporary features can certainly make for a quick sale and appropriate offers being made on your home. Look at your home from the outside – what could you change to enhance your curb appeal?

The smallest changes make a big difference. Painting fence panels, weeding driveways, landscaping gardens, spraying window frames – these are all things you can do to up the curb appeal of your home.

Helpful Information? We Hope So!

Whether you’re looking to sell your property soon or in the future, it’s always good to find ways to make improvements within your budget and timeframe. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference to the sales potential of your home and ultimately, the offers you receive from prospective buyers.

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