Things You Need to Know About Recruiting Agencies

There are many people who always stay confused as to how a recruiting agency works. There are many who don’t understand how to use these agencies or how to work with them. You might also not know or have a wrong perception about recruiting agencies. Here we are sharing the basic things about recruiting agencies that everybody should know.

The recruiting agencies are different from career counseling agencies – Anyone approaching a recruitment agency with their resume must understand that they are not career counselors. The recruiting agencies are not going to tell what career paths are best suited for you. It is you who will tell the recruiting agencies about the job posts you want to apply for. They will simply search a job profile that matches best with your preference, expectation and the resume obviously. If you are not sure what job suits you then the best thing to do is to meet career counselors, not recruiters. Obviously, you can get in contact with the recruiting agency after meeting the career counselor.

The recruiting agencies are hired by employers and not the job seekers – You are absolutely wrong if you think that recruiting agency will take your resume and go for job hunting on your behalf. What the recruiting companies do is simply match your resume with the job requirement given to them by their clients i.e. the employers. The recruiting agencies are hired by employers and not by the job seekers.

Recruiting agencies too to have specializations – The job-seekers, as well as the employers, need to understand that recruiting agencies to specialize in profession, location, industry or on certain another basis. So, when you are going to contact a recruiting agency you should get the proper information about their specialization. Take, for example, Social Housing Recruitment is a UK social housing recruiter, it would absolutely be a bad idea to contact them if you are in need of say content writers.

Recruiting agencies are seldom the final decision makers – The recruiting agencies work as a bridge between the job-seekers and the employee-seekers. They are the one talking on both sides unless the contract between employees and employers gets finalized. And so, many people take them as the final decision makers. A job seeker should know that when he is denied a job, the agency is only communicating the final decision is always taken by the employers. So do not consider this as job rejection from recruiters’ end The first time hirer of a recruiting agency also needs to know that the agency will come up to them with the list of suitable candidates and not the final employee.

Do you have any more doubt in addition to these most common myths about the role of recruiting agency? If so, feel free to drop our query in the comment section.

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