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Prevent Legionella with a Simple Water Test

Something as basic as a water test can save lives. Our houses and offices can be the breeding ground for harmful water-borne microbes that cause a range of diseases. Despite the advancements in modern water treatment and safety, it is always prudent to keep checking your water content for any of these dangerous microbes.

How does Legionella Spread?

The Legionella bacterium is found in natural freshwater bodies like lakes, streams, and ponds. They become health hazards when Legionella spread into artificial water supply systems accessed by human beings. Vulnerable areas include cooling towers, faucets, showers, badly maintained hot tubs which are not drained regularly, fountains, hot water tanks and fixtures and large-scale plumbing infrastructure.

You will get infected if water with Legionella bacteria enters your respiratory system. This usually happens when you breathe in small droplets that contain the harmful microbe. The disease comes in a mild and a severe form, the latter which can be fatal if left untreated. Older people have a higher risk of catching Legionella. Other vulnerable groups include smokers and heavy drinkers, those with respiratory and kidney conditions, and individuals with a weakened immune system. Some of the symptoms of Legionella are muscle pain, cough, fever, and chills.

Who needs to Mobilize Legionella Testing?

Because of the wide spectrum and varieties of water fixtures and systems, there needs to be frequent testing done by various individuals and parties. Concerned authorities working in water supply will have a responsibility to facilitate periodic testing. Establishments like old-age homes and hospitals need to be extra vigilant because of the vulnerability of their residents. Universities, hotels, and campsites also need frequent Legionella testing. If you are a landlord then you have a responsibility to ensure that the water supply is safe.

You can get more information on testing requirements at aquacert.co.uk, a trusted compliant provider of Legionella testing services.

Legionella Water Testing

The testing process, from your end, is really simple. The Legionella kit includes a sterile container which you fill in with water from your establishment’s fixtures (hot water taps, showers). The sample is collected by the testing company and you will be informed about the results.

The results do not take more than 2 weeks. The top certified water testing companies will provide you with a certificate to show that the test has been conducted. Regardless of your results, you need to periodically get your water tested. The water testing companies can help out in this regard, with reminders by fax, email or post.

Compliance Requirements

Testing for Legionella would be part of the duties of business owners and employers to keep the workplace safe per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This legislation addresses the need assess risks and prevent exposure of individuals to hazardous substances.

Legionella and other water-borne diseases are easily preventable. You can easily order a water testing kit online and complete this important duty.

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