Antidote Revolutionizes US Healthcare Coverage with Family Package Available to 40 Million Uninsured Americans

Antidote, a leading telehealth provider currently serving patients in five US states, announced the launch of its affordable family health care plan. The plan is the first of its kind, as it includes unlimited doctor visits for the entire family and full coverage without copay on acute and primary care prescription medications.

Antidote’s offering is its first step in its mission to fix the broken healthcare system by allowing patients to get most prescription medications without a copay and see a doctor at any time. Low-income families are often forced to ignore health concerns, and those who are seen by a physician oftentimes lack the resources needed to buy drugs that their doctor prescribed.

“We believe that healthcare is a fundamental right regardless of income, ethnicity, or location,” said Avihai Soudri, CEO at Antidote. “We modeled our system after the Israeli healthcare system to deliver a unique, comprehensive healthcare offering that aligns the interest of all stakeholders – patient, caregiver, and insurer.”

The service, which is currently available in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina, is expected to expand into California, Texas, and Ohio later this summer. A full nationwide rollout is planned by the end of this year.

Antidote uses deep tech and AI tools built into its application to triage patients and allows users to easily schedule appointments with their doctor directly through the interface in as little as five minutes. All patient medical records are secure and managed over the app in a way that lets patients actually own their own data. Appointments take place through the app, following telehealth best practices and meeting the highest standards of care.

“Our physicians are at the heart of our offering, providing quality care to uninsured patients who have been overlooked by the US healthcare establishment,” said Dr. David Zlotnick, Chief Medical Officer at Antidote. “Allowing patients to choose a doctor they trust as their primary physician will further the doctor-patient relationship, and help keep our patients feeling healthy, enabling them to enjoy peace of mind.”

Patients using the digital platform can go from download to a doctor visit in as little as five minutes. The telehealth platform promises to be life-changing to its users, who can see a doctor without taking time off from work or worrying about childcare while at a clinic.

With the newly launched family plan, children can see their doctor without leaving home, while parents can join the appointment using their app from anywhere. With this innovative plan, families can fulfill prescriptions without having to choose between food on the table or medication.

“I used to have to choose between working or taking 3-4 hours off to see my doctor,” said Stephanie F., an Antidote user in New York. “Since enrolling with Antidote, I can talk to a doctor and have my prescription waiting for me when I arrive at the pharmacy. I am grateful for the service and have already signed up for the family plan.”

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