New Study Reveals the Best Cities for Single Parents Looking to Date

Dating is hard, but dating as a single parent is even harder. You have to worry about finding the time to date, will you trust this person around your kid(s), and do they even get the challenges that come with dating a single parent.

A recent study done by a site called Deedclaim, looked at the best cities for single parents to find love. They factored in the amount of singles in the city, single parent households, cost of living, median income for single men and women, and much more.

They found the best city for dating as a single parent is Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati has a relatively low cost of living, affordable date night options, and a high percentage of single parents. Overall the midwest isn’t a bad place for single parents, with 7 of the 21 cities being in the midwest. Some other midwestern cities that made the list include: Cleveland, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

Apparently the south isn’t a bad place for single moms and dads looking for love either. The cities in the south that made the list had a low infant child care cost, low babysitter costs, and high population of single parents. Some of the southern cities that made the list were Orlando, Atlanta, and Tampa.

And if you are having a hard time finding love as a single parent in NYC, San Jose, San Diego, and San Francisco, we aren’t surprised. Those cities were listed as some of the worst for single parents looking for love.

For a full list of cities, check out the study!


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