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Common Serious Diseases that can Affect Anyone: How to Know you Have Them

There are many diseases that can develop in the body and detecting them at their earliest stages helps patients successfully manage their conditions. However, some diseases can go undetected until the sufferer experiences serious symptoms. Patients who have any of the diseases may decide to make changes in their homes for their quality of life. This includes installing stairlifts, grab bars and other important devices.  Below are the common diseases and the symptoms associated with them:

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can develop in both men and women. People who have breast cancer detect it because of the lamps that form on and around their breast. But, some patients report other symptoms such as discharge from the nipple, pain around the breast, changes in the look of the nipple, and others. Those who are having any of these symptoms should check out the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Screening Guidelines and visit your doctor.

Prostate Cancer

This cancer develops in the prostate, which is a gland in the male reproductive system. It starts when some cells in this gland become abnormal. People who have this cancer will feel pain when urinating, urinate frequently at night, cannot control their bladder, find it hard to urinate, and blood in their urine. Patients should undergo various tests available for prostate cancer.


This disease is characterized by the inflammation of the joints. People who have it will experience joint pain and stiffness that can worsen with age. The inflammation can cause surrounding ligaments and tendons to deform and become unstable, reducing the range of motion. The Arthritis Foundation’s advice about living with arthritis will help patients manage their disease effectively.


Dementia is a progressive disease that cannot be cured. People with this disease display symptoms such as forgetfulness, confusion, and trouble concentrating. The most common kind of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Families of patients with Alzheimer’s can get support available at The Alzheimer’s Association to know how to manage their loved one’s condition.


This bone disease develops when the bones in the body become weak. This is a serious condition, especially with older patients. Symptoms of this disease include osteoporotic fracture, fractures of the spine, and hip fractures which all cause pain. This guide to treatment options for osteoporosis can help sufferers manage their condition.


Diabetes when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin that the body needs. Common symptoms of this disease include weight loss, frequent urination, fatigue, and excessive thirst. Patients should check out The American Diabetes Association’s guides on the treatment and care available throughout the US.

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