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Which Dog Breeds Are Best For an Active Lifestyle?

Dogs are great companions for humans. They are friendly, loyal, protective and obedient.

However, the kind of dog breed you choose should resonate with your lifestyle. If you have an active personality, you should seek out a breed that is as active as you are. This leads to the question; which dog breeds are best for an active lifestyle? Below we will provide more insight into the topic.

1. Labrador retriever

This breed has the name retriever for a reason. It was initially used for hunting, but with time, it has grown to do more than that. Labs are great at swimming, hiking, and even fishing. Such activities require a dog that is active and listens to its owner. Labs are energetic and curious about taking on new adventures.

Therefore, instead of leaving your dog at home when you go on an outdoor adventure, you can bring them with you! Labs are well known for being dogs that can eat a lot; keeping them active will not only benefit their health, but your own as well.

2. German Shepherds

German Shepherds enjoy running, hiking and a variety of outdoor activities. This breed is often trained to perform tasks for the police and military, which proves how active German Shepherds are. These intelligent, reliable guard dogs need plenty of exercise and are always willing to accompany their master during a physical activity. German Shepherds are often bed with Labrador Retrievers to create a German Shepherd Lab Mix Or Sheprador – another active and good-natured dog.

The famous boxer George Foreman used to have a German Shepherd as his training partner. Often times his dog was the only one who could keep up with the prizefighter on a long run.

3. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is most famously known for their role as sled dogs in arctic regions of the world. If you have spent any time around this breed you know how energetic they are. Constantly wanting to play or engage in some physical activity, Huskies can be quite the handful if you are not used to owning a high energy dog.

If you want a four legged companion that can wear you out, Huskies are one of the best breeds. Huskies are also great at escaping so make sure you have a fence it cannot jump over.

4. Australian Shepherd

This breed has been raised since the 1800’s to herd sheep. It should come as no surprise to you that these dogs have tremendous amounts of energy. If you’re looking for an endurance partner, Aussies know how to go the distance.

Australian Shepherds are also highly trainable, so you can teach them to run agility courses. Not only are these fun competitions, they are also a great way for the dog and their trainer to stay in shape.

5. Jack Russell Terrier

Terriers usually have small bodies, but they have lots of energy to keep you active. They are very playful and enjoy the outdoors. Locking your terrier in your apartment is a bad idea.

Ensure you provide enough exercise to keep it fit at all times and reduce boredom. This breed is trainable to be more useful in everyday life apart from keeping you active.

These five breeds are a few among many dogs appropriate for an active lifestyle. With this guide, we hope you have gained a better idea of how these breeds can improve your life.

It always feels great when you can jog, run, hike, camp and play with your pet!

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