Is Jealousy ‘A Man Thing?’

So what do you think, do women have as many jealousy tendencies as men? The reality is that anyone can get jealous depending on the circumstances – but which gender handles this negative emotion better? Please bear with me on this subject because in order to discuss it some generalizations will be made. It is understood that there are many men and women that do not necessarily fit into these stereotypical models that are described.

Studies have shown that men and women get jealous over different things. In most cases, for females, what is most important in a relationship is an emotional commitment. This refers to the aspects of a relationship that create those close and intimate bonds. It’s the sort of things such as sharing what we may consider ‘secrets of our soul’ with another.

With that in mind, women can easily become jealous when they sense a threat to this intimate relationship with their loved one. Women do not want to feel that someone else has gotten so close to their loved one that their relationship is threatened in this way.

In many cases, what matters most to men is the sexual intimacy in a relationship. Men are extremely jealous when it comes to this. Most men want to feel that they are the only one their partner wants to be with sexually.

So what can be deducted from all of this? Is it that women value emotional connections more than sexual connections?

Did you know that jealousy often spurs violent outbursts? Whether the unfaithfulness is real or imagined, certain personality types are prone to abusive behavior when they feel they have been betrayed. And not surprisingly, men are typically more likely to display this type of response than women.

These are sometimes legally referred to as crimes of passion. In fact, in some cases, the legal ramifications are lessened if there is proof that the crime was a result of such an occurrence.

What does all this mean? One thing that should be kept in mind is affairs of the heart touch all of us very deeply. Plus, we should know that having a real understanding of how serious our relationship is and committing to it is vital to its success. Additionally, we should discuss with our partner just what is and what isn’t okay when it comes to spending time with others.

However, it should be made clear that violent or abusive behavior is never acceptable – regardless of infidelity or unfaithfulness.

So, can someone share intimate secrets of their soul with someone outside of the relationship and still be faithful? Or what about having sex with another person? Could you have sex with someone other than your partner and still feel that you have a real commitment to making your relationship work?

These are issues that each couple must work out on their own. And as long as both are in agreement things will continue smoothly. It is when one steps outside the agreement that trouble is likely to develop. So the moral of this article is – know your partner and discuss what each of you expect from the relationship.


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