3 Best Ways To Get Rid of Roaches

Are you looking for the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches from your home? You are in luck. Roaches are one the nasty pests worldwide today, and exterminating them is an uphill task. These pests are repulsive enough for us to avoid, and dangerous t transmit diseases by contact or contaminating the food we eat unknowingly to us. Unfortunately, roaches are smart; they are well hidden, and usually come out whenever are deep asleep and not conscious of our surroundings.

There are chemicals designed to get rid of cockroaches from our homes, but these chemicals cause damage to us, pets, as well as the ecosystem. Nonetheless, the world is evolving, and people are practicing safe methods of exterminating pests and rodents from the environment without causing harms to our health.

Get rid of roaches the right way

Homemade exterminators are ideal for getting rid of pests without putting our lives at risks. However, homemade remedies will not be effective in its entirety without proper hygiene. Although a clean environment is not synonymous with a bug-free zone, it reduces the chances of pest infestation.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Powdered sugar and baking soda are more than your pastry ingredients; they are anti-cockroach and can eliminate roaches as well as other sugar-loving insects in your home.

How to use baking soda and sugar as homemade exterminators

  • Mix one cup of sodium bicarbonate and one cup of sugar thoroughly
  • Sprinkle the mixture around the house, and if you can find their hiding spot, pour some mix on their hideout.
  • Sugar is an attractant; cockroaches will eat the mixture, and the baking soda gives them gas, which they will be unable to release.

Onions and Boric dust

This is one of the widely used homemade roaches’ exterminators because of its effectiveness. Also, the fact that is economical makes it more appealing to homeowners.

How to use this method

  • To make a paste, you will need a half finely chopped onions, three or four teaspoons of boric dust, ½ cup of flour, a pinch of sugar, add a little water or beer to the mix.
  • Tip: Boric dust is available in any pharmaceutical store
  • Pour all the ingredients in a container or a bowl and mix thoroughly until it turns to a paste
  • Use soda lids to pour and position the paste in places where roaches activities are seen. A big bonus, if you know their hiding place.

Ensure you keep paste way from pets because the mixture is toxic to your pets as well


Bay leaf is another homemade pest repellent, and it is easy to use; slice bay leaves and sprinkle it on strategic places. The smell of bay leaves drives roaches away; it is perfect for homes that are not yet infested, but it is prone to roaches.

Furthermore, battling against pesky pests can be burdensome and in some cases ineffective especially when your efforts to get rid of pests prove abortive. The best thing to do is to call your local pest control operator.

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