winter warmers

Winter warmers to heat up your home

As the colder season closes in and we turn up the thermostats the minute we get in after work, it’s always nice to make your home a little cosier as the winter weather roars outside. By simply adding a few additions to your abode you can turn your home into a cave of comfort while you hunker down amongst blankets and cushions with a warm mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine, whatever you’re more inclined towards. Changing the aesthetic of your home for the season can be just what you need to chase away those winter blues and help you feel more productive and organised when all we want to do is stay snug and warm under the covers. So, get the creative juices flowing and reinvent your space with a touch of inspiration from the time of year.

Throws, throws and more throws

Nothing makes a home cosier than a chunky blanket strewn over the sofa or a folded cable knit throw on the arm chair. Having throws and blankets around the house not only gives you something to grab when you’re feeling the chill but also adds a touch of rustic design whether you live in newly built Shared Ownership in London or an old quirky cottage somewhere out in the countryside. They will ensure you’re couch feels a little softer and bring you all a little closer on wintery nights in as well as looking cosy and decorative in your living room. And because they come in thousands of styles, patterns and sizes you can find one to suit your space whether you’re looking for something with a classic tartan look or fancy going for a fashionable faux fur throw.

Sensational scents

The way your room smells can make a huge difference to the way it feels and by simply bringing in the natural aromas of the season you can transform any room from cold to bold and create a snug hideaway for you and your family to enjoy. Candles bring in a golden glow that allows the body to relax and reduces stress after a long day. They also help you to sleep better and regulate your body clock if you struggle to turn off after a busy day. While there are many scents you can get including ones to release muscle tension, ones to relax your mind and ones to help you focus, smells of the season are always a good option to go for to make you feel festive. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and winter berries are perfect for this time of year, with notes of amber, orange and oak you can fill a room with warmth no matter the size or style of a room.

Lower the lights

If you want to create ambience in a room, there is no better way than to lace the place in fairy lights and swap the brighter lights to golden glows. With the sun well and truly in hibernation, creating the right amount of light is essential to making your home feel luxurious and relaxing for the winter. And whether you own your home, looking for houses for sale in Harrow or are sharing a flat somewhere in the city, you can make your restful residence feel even more homely with just a couple of twinkling string lights round your bed stead or a lantern on the windowsill. You can get all kinds of fairy lights and lamp shades to match your interior, whether you fancy some copper, Moroccan inspired luminescence or you’re more into the clean Scandinavian design with a low hanging IKEA shade over the kitchen table.

So there you have it, 3 easy ways to make winter a little more bearable for those of us who prefer the warmer weather. It’s always worth spending time and effort on making your home feel as comfortable as possible for your family, as it is the place you make your most treasured memories with your family. So, whether you’re still looking for the perfect place on, you’ve just moved out of the family home or you have your own family home that is quickly feeling a little fuller, fill your abode with love and get out of it what you put in.

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