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7 Areas to Focus On with Property Care and Maintenance

Owning a property entails regular maintenance for everything that’s in there, whether it’s a house, a commercial building, or just a fenced-in lot that’s ready for development. It can be tedious and time-consuming and can even be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. To save time, money, and effort, check out the following list of tips to care for your property.

Check for water damage and leaks

Your home keeps you safe and dry, shielding you from harsh winds, rain, and snow, among others. But that protection won’t last long, as building materials get weathered and degrade over time. That’s why you should always check for water damage and leaks, especially after getting battered by storms and heavy rain, and consider window replacement or repair if necessary. Look for soft spots on your roofs, discolored areas on your ceiling tiles and walls, and wetness or dampness around closed windows. Don’t forget to include sinks, boilers, and heaters on your list of areas to check, as these could also leak due to heat and pressure, or simply because of age. Water damage and leaks can lead to growth of dangerous molds, which is definitely more expensive to address.

Do necessary yard work

Your responsibility to care for your property doesn’t end when you go out of your house. Your yard, no matter how big or small it is, should always be properly maintained. Lawns and gardens should be properly mowed, trees and shrubs pruned or trimmed, and loose foliage properly disposed. Your yard greatly contributes to the appeal of your property. No matter how beautiful or modern your home is, others would first see it. An unkempt lawn, overgrown shrubs, or even scattered dried leaves could be a turn-off. So, if you’re selling or renting out your property, you better do something about the yard first.

Check the HVAC

Nothing beats the feeling of going inside your house on a hot day and getting blasted by the cool, refreshing air of your air conditioning system. Or staying warm and comfortable during cold winter days. That’s why it is important to keep your HVAC system well maintained throughout the year. Annual checks for your AC and furnace prolong the life of these units and offers energy savings in the long run. It’s also a good idea to regularly check if your house is still properly sealed. Visually checking on the windows and doors help spot caulk air leaks that could easily inflate your energy bill.

Outdoor lighting maintenance

One of the things that could easily slip your mind when it comes to property care is outdoor lighting. You only notice it when it stops working. When that time comes, it’s usually too late and you end up spending more than you would if it was properly maintained. Outdoor lighting keeps your property well-lit and safe, especially if you have a sizable yard or other structures aside from your house. Regularly check wirings and connections, or when exposed to the elements, proper weatherproofing. Replace lights that you think are already nearing the end of their lifespan before they even go dim or go out.

Ensure that the roof and gutters are in top shape

One of the messier aspects of property care is the roof and gutter maintenance. The roof is the largest part of your property that’s exposed to the elements, so it’s expected that it gets weathered faster than others. It’s crucial to avoid any dirt or foliage build-up, so cleaning up the roof and gutters should be regularly done. Schedule professional cleaning and inspection at least twice a year, especially after the rainy season to catch issues that can compromise the life of your roof.

Check for Asbestos—and deal with it immediately

Even if you know that your house is fairly new, you can’t be too sure that your property is asbestos-free. Owners of large properties with existing fences would be shocked to know that these structures erected to keep them safe contain cancer-causing fibres that kill thousands each year. If you have old undemolished structures like concrete fencing in your property, it’s best to call professionals before doing anything. These would be tested and then removed by asbestos removal experts before it causes any harm to you and your loved ones.

Check and Control Pests

Even if you have carefully maintained every part of your property, all your effort would be wasted if there are pests living with you, hidden from plain sight. After all, who wants to deal with chewed up wires or termite-infested wood walls, right? That’s why it is a crucial part of property care to regularly check for signs of pests, so that you can address them before it’s too late. It’s best to have a list of exterminators to contact when you see rat droppings or holes in your walls.

Property care can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is essential if you want to keep your property in top shape. All these efforts ensure that you won’t be spending a ton on future repairs. It also ensures that you’ll be able to make the most out of the structures and the equipment in your property throughout their lifetime. Keep a list of experts that you can call to help you with the abovementioned maintenance tips to guarantee quality service and great value for your money.

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