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Why a Gaming Mouse is the Perfect Gift for Gamers This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, there is often a sense of ‘mad scramble’ to get the perfect gift for your loved ones. Homing in on the right mix of sentiment, price, personal touch, and care is a delicate balance that can leave many gift buyers scratching their heads in worry. In the case of buying a gift for a loved one who is a gamer, it can be even more difficult. It’s no secret that when it comes to PC gaming, the technical jargon can be confusing and hard to follow if you aren’t tuned into the PC gaming scene. Luckily, there is a simple, and effective solution to buying a gift for a PC gamer that is sure to be a hit no matter what.

This gift is a gaming mouse. While this may not sound like the exciting answer you might have been searching for, but it’s perfect to the gamers. Every PC gamer knows the value of a top-notch gaming mouse. For a gamer, a mouse is not simply a PC tool to point and click with. A gaming mouse is an extension of themselves in their digital worlds. A quality gaming mouse can be the difference between victory, and defeat in the gaming arena. Let’s take a second to look at exactly why a gaming mouse is the perfect gift for a gamer this holiday season.

Why is a Gaming Mouse so Important for PC Gaming?

Obviously, you need a mouse to use a desktop computer no matter what. However, you might not know that even laptop gamers will most likely be utilizing a traditional mouse as well. The simple reason for this is the drastic increase of accuracy over a laptop track pad. It’s almost impossible to get any level of precision that a gamer will need to play their games, without a mouse. Although, when it comes to gaming, not all mice are created equal. There are, in fact, several reasons why a gamer will need and want a gaming mouse as opposed to a traditional mouse. These reasons could include:

1. Increased Ergonomics

Any mouse, at least any good mouse, will be designed with the form of a hand in mind. However, gaming mice are specifically designed for comfort over prolonged use. Gamers need to perform frequent, and rapid clicks and movements that will take a toll on the wrists and fingers of any user over long gaming sessions. For this reason, a gaming mouse will be designed with the curvature and nuances of a human hand in mind as opposed to the generic shape of a regular mouse and will make for a significantly more comfortable experience for the gamer.

2. Customizable Buttons

A traditional mouse will only have two buttons; left, and right. For general computer use, that is plenty. However, for a gamer, the benefits of additional buttons are huge. A gaming mouse will have anywhere between 5 – 12 buttons, and a serious gamer will use all of them. With many games, a player will have the ability to ‘hot key’ certain actions to different buttons on the mouse and be able to maximize performance as a result. Whether they play First Person Shooters, or Role-Playing Games, a gamer will almost always prefer more buttons over less for their mouse.

3. Adjustable DPI Settings

DPI stands for ‘Dots Per Inch’. It is essentially a control setting for how sensitive the mouse will respond to hand movement. While a traditional mouse will operate at 300 DPI, a gaming mouse will sometimes have the capability to go up to 8,000 DPI. The DPI setting of a mouse will largely be up to the preference of the user. However, when it comes to gaming, most gamers have a specific preference for their DPI settings. Some gamers want extremely movement sensitive settings, some want less. Having the ability to change the DPI settings easily is a huge advantage for a gamer, and just another reason why a gaming mouse is preferred to a traditional mouse for gamers.

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If you know that your loved one is an avid gamer, and spends a lot of time on their computer, you can never go wrong with giving them the gift of upgraded gaming equipment. For most gamers, the centerpiece of their gaming performance is their mouse. So, while a computer mouse may not seem like the obvious choice for a gift this holiday season, it is the perfect gift for any gamer.

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