Can I replace window frames?

Window frames are the main strength structure of each window and are responsible for its durability with operational characteristics.

One of the reasons why the window replacement is postponed is the fuss associated with large rearrangements and an abundance of dust and dirt, which accompanies the installation work. Especially a lot of dust and dirt is generated after dismantling old frames.

We believe that it is better to change the windows to new ones during the renovation, after all the dirty work on pouring the floors and roughly leveling the walls has been done.

How exactly to make repairs, can prompt the experts of relevant companies who arrive at the object and carefully examine the state of each window. The cost to replace windows and frames may vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, as well as the cost of the windows themselves and the extent of their damage.

There is a wide variety of window frames today. Some attract with their beauty and environmental friendliness, others – with quality and reliability. But how do you find the happy mean? In this article, we will also look at the types of window frames, their advantages, and differences, as well as learn tips for choosing the right profiles.

Plastic windows – practicality, and comfort

Due to the fact that manufacturers began to use modern technologies, it became possible to produce high-quality windows. This is what applies to a window with a PVC profile, which is the most widespread and demanded on the market.

The main features of a plastic window are:

  • strength,
  • aesthetic appearance,
  • structural durability,
  • excellent and affordable price.

Plastic windows, like wooden ones, can provide good heat and sound insulation. Typically, manufacturers guarantee a 100% window lifespan from 8 to 16 years. The technology of manufacturing the window frame of a plastic window allows you to create air cavities between the frames and the sashes, making a decent thermal insulation level. The outer side is equipped with special channels that drain water when it rains.

Customer reviews are unambiguous and speak about the practicality of these windows. The main advantage of plastic windows is that they take on a wide variety of shapes, for example, square, round, oval, or triangular. At the same time, plastic windows do not lose their function. The window installation is carried out by the manufacturer and does not take much time.

Aluminum frames – versatility and ease of use

Not so long ago, aluminum was the main material for installing a window frame in factories, firms, or offices. Such windows were not used in private houses or apartments due to their unattractive appearance. In addition, such a window certainly did not create the desired coziness. But manufacturers have always wanted to reach the private consumer because aluminum has no equal in strength and lightness. And the solution was found.

Manufacturers began to cover the aluminum frame with a special film that perfectly imitates wood. In addition, the thermal conductivity of this material was solved by filling the frame with polyamide inserts.

Wooden windows – naturalness, and durability

This type of window is considered the most expensive. In addition to the fact that they look solid, they are also eco-friendly, safe, and go well with the furniture and any interior. Types of wooden frames are environmentally friendly and durable. Most often, glued-type wooden frames are used, which have increased strength. With their help, you can perfectly isolate the room from unnecessary sounds and noise.

The only drawback of these windows is the need to sometimes cover them with polyurethane paint, which is weather resistant. If valuable wood species are used for the production of a wooden profile, window frame replacement cost and the cost of such structures will be very high. But in any case, all wooden windows undergo a special treatment with compounds that protect against dust, insects and have a water-repellent effect.

The types of window frames differ in the material of manufacture, fittings, and prices. The final choice depends, first of all, on your taste preferences and the interior of the room.

If there are any problems with the window frame, do not ignore this circumstance. You need to immediately seek help from a specialized company. It is not always possible to eliminate the damage by your own efforts due to the lack of experience in this matter and a specialized tool. Recently, many companies have emerged that are capable of repairing a window frame in a short time, no matter what material it was made from. Only under the condition of cooperation with professionals, it will be possible to have confidence in the implementation of high-quality repair of windows and that they will serve for a long time without causing any trouble.

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