Angelic Diamonds Launches ‘Wedflix’: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Themed Wedding

Diamond engagement ring retailer Angelic Diamonds has launched a new online platform, ‘Wedflix’. The platform promises to be the one-stop destination for planning the fun and extravagant themed wedding of your dreams.

The brand-new platform, offers an interactive way for couples to plan every element of their wedding. After researching the UK’s most popular themed weddings using Google search data, Angelic Diamonds has created a set of handy how-to guides.

Using the interactive platform, people will be able to click on their favourite TV shows or films and unlock the ultimate wedding package. Once you’ve chosen your theme (be that the Harry Potter series, beloved TV show Friends, hit film Frozen, or another of the UK’s favourites), you’ll have access to Angelic Diamonds’ extensive wedding plan. This includes the perfect location, the engagement ring best suited to your theme, and the approximate cost of your dream wedding.

The idea behind this quirky and engaging online platform is to help couples plan their wedding without the stress of organising everything themselves. There are many resources out there to help couples plan traditional weddings. For those looking for something more unusual, however, Wedflix promises to be the ultimate planning tool.

Neil Dutta of Angelic Diamonds emphasised how important it is for couples to get the wedding of their dreams.

He said, “At Angelic Diamonds, we want to support couples and help them to add some magic to their day while encouraging fun and unusual weddings. After the past year, in which many couples have not been able to celebrate their love in the way they’d planned, we want to help people create a post-lockdown wedding that is better than their wildest dreams.”

Angelic Diamonds encourages couples to visit their website to try out their new, interactive Wedflix tool.

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