How to Choose an Electrician in 3 Easy Steps

Electrical repairs are a natural occurrence for homeowners. Whether you need a new ceiling light fitting, electrical wiring installing, or if your electronic equipment needs repairing, contacting an electrician is almost always going to be necessary.

Although there are some repairs that can completed with common DIY knowledge, if your experience with electrical jobs is limited, then some tasks are best left to the experts. That being said, electricians are a huge investment of your time and money and therefore you need to know that you are hiring someone that you can trust.

So, let us discuss 3 easy steps that you can take to find the right electrician for your needs.

Ask for a Referral

As soon as you have established the type of electrical work that you need completing you can begin to seek out recommendations. An online search is always a good place to start – if you search for “electrician” plus the name of your town or area (for example “electrician Hills District“) you’re bound to find dozens of good leads. The next step is to look for reviews and recommendations. A recommendation from a person whose opinion that you trust can be an invaluable way to choose any type of tradesperson. Consequently, if you know someone that has had a positive experience with an electrician and was satisfied with the level of service and workmanship that they received then be sure to ask for a referral. This can be particularly useful if you know someone who has had electric work done that resembles your own electrical project. Relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbours can all be fantastic sources of information. In addition, you could even consider talking to some of the staff at your nearest electrical store to find out who they would recommend.

Of course, there are also useful websites like Yell.com where you can find electricians in your area if you do not know anyone who has had any work completed that is similar to your own plans. Once you have compiled a shortlist of a few electricians, then you can start to request a quote from each electrician, provided that they currently offer the services that you require. Based on the scale of your project, and the type of electrical components that need installing, the cost of your job might vary drastically between contractors. Getting a mixture of quotes from agencies and independent electricians can therefore ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Communication is Key

Nobody wants to deal with a tradesperson that displays a poor attitude or completes work without due care and attention. Correspondingly, as soon as you have managed to find a few electricians that you might want to pursue, you should now arrange a meeting to discuss your plans. Throughout your meeting keep an eye on their behaviour. Did they arrive on time? Do you feel confident that they understood the task at hand without any miscommunications? A professional appearance and attitude are almost always indications of the quality of work that you can expect to receive.

Before your scheduled meeting, be sure to ask for some references. Your electrician should be able to provide photographs of any electrical projects that are similar to your own and might even be able to pass on the contact details for some satisfied customers. If you decide to get in touch with one of the references provided, it can be helpful to ask questions about how the work was completed. Was the electrical work finished on time and within a specified budget? If any follow up work was required, you can also check that this was done to a high standard. Most importantly, enquire about whether the customer would hire the electrician again in the future.

Remember the Fine Details

Having narrowed down your choices by following the previous tips, you should be pretty much certain that the electricians on your shortlist are qualified and experienced enough to complete your electrical project. Additionally, not all electricians are the same and therefore there are extra qualifications in different areas of electrical work that might be relevant to your project. That being said, there are a few final checks that you can carry out for total peace of mind. First and foremost, verify that your electrician has a registered and legitimate license. Liability insurance protection is also crucial as it provides a safeguard in case your home or any surrounding properties become damaged.

Your electrician should also have worker compensation coverage to protect against the risks of claims of financial loss if they were to become injured while carrying out your electrical work. You might even want to ask about any warranties associated with their services and any electrical products that will be used to complete your project. A warranty should specify precisely what is covered and for how long and should include information such as the name, address, contact details, and license number of your electrician.

Ultimately, choosing any kind of tradesperson can be difficult, especially if you do not know what to look for. Nonetheless, by taking your time to do your research you can find an experienced and reputable electrician that can address your electrical needs in an affordable and efficient manner. Above all, by making the right decision now, you can ensure that you can get your electrical work done right first time, and at the best possible price.

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