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Give Your Yard Some Love With These Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Whether you use your outdoor living space for entertainment, relaxation or both, you just don’t want the fun to end even after the sun goes down. Enjoy those comfortable and long nights outside while basking in the cozy atmosphere from lighting setups.

Lighting is one of the least-expensive and easiest ways to wield an enchanting spell to any outdoor space. From exquisite string lights and landscape lighting that cast a soft glow, to pendants, sconces and more, all of these ideas will flicker your imagination to achieve that perfect outdoor zone.

Here are the ideas that you can use to illuminate your outdoor space, give it a nightlife and create a distinct mode.

String Lights

Nothing beats the glowing and soft light of cafe-style string lights that hangs overhead. And because they are affordable, you can use as many as you can without creating a hole in your pocket.

Just makes sure to pick outdoor-rated string lights. LED bulbs are the common choice due to its lifetime practicality. But, you can only create a soft glow trademark using incandescent bulbs. You can also use solar string lights if you prefer to hang them far from any outlet.

Take Note:

You will need to have sufficient exterior outlets for hanging string lights and such, not unless they’re solar-powered. It’s better if you invest on exterior outlets than running cords through a window. Apart from being a safer option, it also helps you select where exactly you want the outlets will go.

If you’re living in an older house, the safety features of your exterior outlets might be outdated, so it’s important that you upgrade them. All of your exterior electrical must have a weatherproof box cover, and RCD (residual-current device)  or safety switch to protect the outlet.


Sconces are an excellent choice too for casting a glow outdoors, especially on the patio. For instance, a lantern-style fixture can cast a bigger glow compared to to the mounted types. Thus, if you’re thinking about creating a bigger glow on your yard, sconces are the best fixtures to go for.

Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting is not just for backyard purposes. It’s also ideal in ramping up your patio’s ambiance.

Although the landscape lighting is not enough to illuminate a room on its own, it works well in conjunction with string lights or sconces. You can try by using low lights in bushes that or illuminates a pathway or surrounds the patio.

Pendant Lights

You can spruce up an outdoor space with a well-placed pendant light. If you want to change an existing overhead fixture by yourself, see to it that the new fixture has the same weight as the old one. If the new ones are heavier than old ones, you can hire an electrician to install a new junction box to take the additional weight.

Recessed Lighting

Sleek and simple as it is, recessed lighting is a perfect embellishment for modern or contemporary home. You must have dinner switches to adjust the lighting to according to your mood.

You can also extend your dinnertime with a well-lit outdoor kitchen. If you have a separate patio seating area and barbecue area, consider connecting these two sectors with lighting. Direct lighting is essential in kitchen, so opt for an overhead option such as adjustable fixtures or recessed lights that you can point exactly where you want them to go.

Stair Riser Lights

Stair riser lights not only add ambiance to your yard, but it also prevents falls. Having only one or two steps could induce more accidents compared to a taller staircase. A single step can be easy to miss, especially in the dark, hence, adding a stair light is a wise thing to do.

Orbs and Spheres

Conjure an ethereal look by using orbs and spheres in your entire garden, backyard, or patio. You can hang them by cluster or individually on the ground to create a perfect little oasis and set a mystical vibe. You can also use some Northern Lighting fixtures to add some drama in the overall look.


Having the right lighting is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to spruce up an outdoor space. You can use it to create a distinct mood, highlight certain design elements and it’s a treat for the eyes overall. If you’re currently dressing up your backyard, follow the tips above and may you have more meaningful moments at night outside.

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