Are you planning next vacation in Canada?

Before heading to your favorite abroad destination, make sure you are aware of the essential facts and information about the visa requirement.

Canada is indeed a fascinating blend of the old and the new. From grizzly bears to pleasing landscapes to cosmopolitan cities, it is a perfect home for all. Around 724,000 British people visit Canada every year! (Now that’s something gripping)

And if you desire to be a part of one, go through the details of visa requirement correctly.

You need to start with obtaining an eSTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) document. It is a mandatory one for all the citizens arriving in the nation. It permits you to travel to Canada by air and to travel easily inside the nation through land or sea.

So regardless of any travel route you opt, you must carry an acceptable travel document eSTA with an identification proof. You can fill out an eSTA form online and keep a reference number or a copy of authorization page. Always use the official and authorized ETA site to fill the form.

The new eTA process aims to provide a stress-free travel to the individual touching down all across the world. Even the visa-exempt individuals are required to carry this document.

The applicants are asked to mention some personal information and queries related to health and criminal backgrounds. You need to have a valid passport, a credit card to pay a nominal online fee, a valid email address and access to the internet.

The eTA is valid up to a period of five years from the day it is issued to the applicants. The eTA form includes the name of the applicant along with the date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, marital status, address, passport details, and other travel-related information.

Once you’re done with form completion, wait for the validation and keep a check on your mailbox. The most of the eTA applications are approved within few minutes of filing the application. Yet it is recommended to fill an eTA well in advance of your intended departure date as some request takes more time to process.

Now you can apply Canada Visa Online easily if you’re traveling as a tourist, for study or for a business trip.  All you need is to grab your Electronic Travel Authorization, which is a three-step process viz. Make an application, Make the Payment and Receive your eTA.

So, here is the important outline that must prove helpful in planning your visit to Canada and obtaining the right document ahead.

Have a stress-free and enjoyable stay in Canada. It has a lot more to offer than you really expect! Good Luck.

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