Which Should You Choose? End Vent Slider, Casement or Awning Windows

Contrary to their very nature and purpose, windows are responsible to work more than just providing an opening to look outside and enjoy weather. Nowadays, they are expected to enhance aesthetics, energy efficiency and overall performance of the home along with maximizing security and protection. Windows Doors Mart usually emphasizes over this aspect and suggests homeowners to consider what their living spaces need, instead of looking at what others have got. Keep in mind that every window type has got some uniqueness and may not work for every property.

Factors to Consider

Before finalizing on any opening system, it is ideal to figure out what would look and work best. Since every homeowner wants to reflect his/her fashion sense through awning window, casement or any other type, it is necessary to find out which would work best. There are some factors to consider- budget being a deciding factor as every individual has some limitations.

Window Types Available

Talking about built and performance of windows, there are four types to consider: casement, double hung, end vent and awning window. Every type offers different services from the other and therefore, homeowners should have to read the following small descriptions:

  • Casement Windows: They are hinged at one side and move horizontally to open. Their height is greater than width and have a handle to crank open. They ensure proper air flow and keep rooms brighter throughout the day.
  • Awning Windows: Awning window units open from the bottom with the help of a hinge at the top. They are responsible to regulate air in the room and are designed to let inhabitants enjoy rain without letting water to come inside.
  • Double Hung Windows: They optimize air flow as upper and lower sashes open up and down, whenever needed. The windows are particularly designed to work in bedrooms, kitchens or any room that needs maximum ventilation. They are ideal for kids’ rooms as lower sash can be closed to avoid risk of accident.
  • End Vent Sliders: End vent windows are provided with a fixed pane, installed in the middle with two operating sashes on both sides. They usually move inward, allowing homeowners to clean their surface easily. End vent windows are 72-inch wide when opened and can be given a sliding feature, if needed. They may look like casements at lower price. If someone is confused about which type to add for increased energy efficiency and safety, end vent sliders could be the best choice.

Now that people have enough information, appropriate selection would be easy. Homeowners can easily anticipate future benefits and choose a type that could satisfy their needs.

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