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What if Your Family Car Was a Supercar?

What would it look like if Smart Car made a supercar, or if your humble Renault Clio could rival a Mclaren P1? The digital artists at Jennings Motor Group wondered the same thing, so decided to re-imagine 10 everyday family cars as high-performance supercars.


The modern version of the British icon may be bigger and faster than the 1959 original, but they’ve never made anything close to a supercar. This reinterpretation manages to keep the Mini’s unique style intact while taking it into the supercar realm.

Mini Supercar

Renault Clio

A favourite of boy racers and budget conscious-families alike, the Renault Clio was launched in 1990 and has remained popular ever since. The supercar interpretation doesn’t look too dissimilar to some of Renault’s high performance concept cars, such as the TREZOR.

Renault Supercar

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a practical car that is wildly popular all over the world. It was produced by the same company that used to make Ferraris, so it’s only right that it gets the supercar treatment!

Fiat Supercar

Honda Civic

One of the most visually striking hot hatches out there gets an equally stunning supercar!

Honda Supercar


The Volkswagen Golf is another brilliant little hatchback that’s insanely popular all over the world. Volkswagen are also the people behind luxury brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and Bentley, so it’s only right that the Golf gets a supercar upgrade too!

Volkswagen Supercar


The Japanese manufacturer is no stranger to high performance vehicles, so seeing a Toyota badge on a supercar doesn’t look too far-fetched. Imagine doing the school run in this bad boy!

Toyato Supercar

Smart Car

The Smart Car arrived in 1994 as a nimble, easy-to-drive city car, and is probably about as far from a supercar as you can get!

Smart Supercar


The Kia Sportage is one of the best-selling new cars in the UK, thanks to its excellent value and strong emphasis on practicality. The company isn’t known for making high-performance vehicles, but this fictional supercar version looks spectacular!

Kia Supercar


In their quest to make electric cars accessible to the masses, Tesla have been busy making sensible looking, everyday cars like the Model S. This interpretation gives it a body to match all the incredible technology hiding on the inside!

Tesla Supercar


Last but certainly not least, the Russian blast from the past finally gets an much-needed makeover!

LADA Supercar

Which is your favourite? Which sensible car would you like to see as a supercar? Let us know in the comments!

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