5 Unique Gifts That You’ll Want to Give Yourself!

When it comes to finding a great gift for someone, unique gifts to give aren’t always easy to come up with. We all have that certain someone in our lives who is near impossible to buy gifts for, no matter the occasion. Either they have everything they need or want or they are just super picky about the products they use or wear. Don’t fret! These 5 fabulous gift ideas will make all of your other friends and family jealous and you may just find yourself purchasing for yourself too.


Ok, this is a vague description of a gift idea. What this means is, purchase an experience for your loved one. This could be a hot air balloon ride or a cooking lesson with a professional chef, something that they would be interested in experiencing but may not pay for themselves. This is also a great way for you to experience the same if you buy two at once. This gift idea is better if you have a higher budget to spend on a gift or also great for a group gift idea.

2. A Garden

For someone who seems to have everything, perhaps the gift of calm and serenity would be greatly appreciated. You can purchase a little desktop meditation garden, perfect for an office desk or small table, for your loved one to tend to and enjoy over time.

If meditation is not up your loved one’s alley, perhaps an herb garden would be more enjoyable and useful. They can be grown right on a window ledge or balcony so there is no worries if your loved one happens to live in an apartment or condo with no yard.

3. Chef at Home

This gift is heavenly for working parents or those who have absolutely no cooking skills. You can hire a chef to go into your loved one’s home and cook a homemade meal right in their kitchen. The chef takes care of preparation, cooking and clean up while your loved one gets to sit back and enjoy the feast. They may even invite you over to taste test the goods!

4. Personalized Story Book

Obviously this gift idea will not be appropriate for Bob at the office who you only met a few months ago, however, it is a sentimental gift for a loved one who you share a lot of memories with. You decide on the theme of the book and choose photos to include. This compilation is put together in a hardcover storybook format which makes a touching, unique gift for your family and friends to enjoy for many years.

5. Personalized Artwork

If price point is of no concern when deciding on a gift for your loved one, why not look into commissioning an artist to paint or hand draw their portrait? You could include their family, making it a family portrait–a beloved keepsake for most people. This is definitely a unique, yet much appreciated gift for someone you love.

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