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3 Tips For Finding Stylish, Environmentally-Sound Furniture

As climactic conditions intensify each and every day, more and more people are finally beginning to realize that it is time to start worrying about our impact on our planet, specifically, our carbon footprint. From something as simple as recycling or as specific as buying a low carbon footprint car, it is becoming mainstream to take on and demonstrate an eco-friendly attitude.

Even furniture stores have taken to saving the environment in their own particular way; the Chesterfield Shop Blog is, for instance, proud to keep up conversations about the leather industry, its prices, and global impact, as well as touting their own dedication to carrying eco-friendly options in-stores – this shop, and others (hopefully), understands that our daily lives can impact the world, and that each and every seemingly small decision has some weight to it.

Indeed, turning away from brands that are not environmentally sound can seem like a daunting task. But if you follow these three tips, and have the right experts on your side, you can have aesthetically-pleasing furniture – amongst other items – that is beneficial to the environment.


1. Understand When It’s Time To Update Your Furniture

Your first choice and possibly the easiest is deciding that it is time to update your home furniture. Perhaps you’ve had the same loveseat since college and just never got around to upgrading but with today’s booming market in eco-friendly furniture, there is no better time to start than now. Just adding a new couch or sectional can completely transform your living room. There is no better way to go than getting a classy and durable leather sofa, and most furniture store blogs rave that it’s the way to go. While some fabric furniture tends to fade or lose form, leather will stay flexible and viable for years and years. Since it is such a durable material, it’s natural properties keeps it feeling fresh, and it is easy to clean.

2. Decide Upon Your Budget

While our primary concern is easily and efficiently purchasing a piece of furniture that is eco-friendly, but this can be a pricey endeavor – or so it would seem. Luckily, eco-friendly furniture is constantly happening upon innovations and, thereby, lower and lower prices, as new, cost-effective materials are being constantly discovered. Moreover, with social media ablaze on the environment front, it is not only easy to find eco furnishings, but also affordable for the everyday home! You don’t have to worry about spending as much as you would on a new car to buy a green certified sectional. Make sure you take your time and look for a good price on a piece that you love.

3. Research The Company

Recycling and creating furniture with reused materials is the best way to contribute. You’ll want to find a company that uses recycled or reclaimed woods, metals, and plastic. But above all else, you want to find something that is durable and will last you for a long time. If it lasts long, less consumerism and dumping of old items will take place. The best way to determine if the company is a good fit is to focus on user reviews, which can be good and bad, but it’s always best to learn from other people’s experiences. It also never hurts if they have a competitive warranty program, so you know whether or not the furniture is a good fit.

Buying consciously is easy as long as you find yourself a reputable company that you can trust – be sure to peruse websites and blogs, like the one above. Indeed, your new furnishings can be aesthetically-pleasing as well as sturdy, and with just a few new pieces you can completely transform not only your home but also the planet.

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