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6 pastel leather jackets to rock this year

If you are thinking about your winter wardrobe and and feel like it should include a new jacket, then it is about time you invested in a good leather one. A good leather jacket is a must have for any woman looking for a chic and edgy style. Be it a casual yellow leather jacket or formal pastel pink one, with so many ways to carry it, a smart leather jacket can take any outfit to a whole new level..

However, this year, it is all about the pastels and so not the traditional black leather jacket that we have become accutomed to looking at every now and then. So, we’re talking about cotton candy pinks, lilac blues, mint leather jackets and a lot more to brighten up your mood, look and life this year.

Here is a list of six pastel leather jackets to rock this year:

1. Pastel pink leather jacket

This colour is great for those who are trying out leather jackets for the first time. It can work for both, a casual or semi-formal ensemble. You can wear it over any light-coloured top with a short white skirt beneath it. Add a little bit of minimalist jewellery and some classy high heels and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated look.

Whether you go for a long one or a cropped jacket, you will still look fantastic. If you’re still unsure, have a look at Stradivarius’ Leather Biker Jacket with belt, which comes in a range of colours and a belt buckle for a better fit. For more ideas, see how Eva Longoria is pulling off her bubble-gum pink leather jacket with an all-black ensemble.

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2. Sky blue leather jacket

Although it has a delicate hue, this jacket adds a striking element to any wardrobe. It is an elegant alternative for those black jackets and you can be really creative with this one. For a trendy and casual style, throw it over a plain white blouse and a black leather skirt, with white trainers and cool sunglasses to finish off the look. Or, if you’ve got a more formal occasion in mind, consider a light pink, flowy dress with a nice pair of stilettos, some gold accessories and your leather jacket. You could also go for a knee length baby blue dress and a pair of wedges. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be a bit more daring!

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3. Creamy white leather jacket

A good white leather jacket is as versatile as it gets. The muted colour means you can be as creative with your look as you want. It comes with various details and fits. Wear it with a fitted white dress and a studded clutch, while some bold jewellery and platform heels can add a pop of colour to your evening look.

Or better yet, keep it casual by throwing a white draped leather jacket over your favourite tee and some skinny blue jeans for a night out with friends. It is a great girlish alternative to your conventional dark coloured leather jackets.

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4. Yellow leather jacket

A yellow leather jacket is the way to go if you’re in the mood to make a statement. It has just the right amount of attitude, swagger and a feminine touch. For a more edgy look, pair it with your favourite black graphic tee tucked into black jeans, with some hardcore black belt and a black choker. You’ll be drawing gazes where ever you go.

If you’ve got to attend one of those drab business parties, perk it up by replacing your formal jacket with a yellow leather jacket over a black halter top and grey slacks and a good tote bag to complete the outfit. Check out this yellow leather jacket if you’re interested.

5. Mint leather jacket

Mint leather jackets are great for any occasion. Be it going for a drink at the pub or a friend’s bridal shower. This pastel hued jacket is a must for anyone wanting to refresh their wardrobe and style. For a laid back yet stylish combo, pair this jacket with a black tank top and faded denim shorts and some classy black platform heels to complete your urban look. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you you can’t wear heels with jeans. You can also go crazy with your choice of accessories by including a few chunky bracelets and some snazzy rings.

For something more suitable to a garden themed party, go for another pastel coloured maxi dress for a pastel on pastel combination. If you’re up for some experimenting, combine your floral printed dress with a pastel jacket for a fresh, modern and chic ensemble.

6. Aqua blue leather jacket

An aqua blue leather jacket is made for those who prefer a sophisticated look but want to sport a leather jacket as well. A clean and classy jacket, made from soft leather for perfect fitting, is something that is not going out of style anytime soon. A short leather jacket over a striped top and white slim fit jeans, with a matching pale blue bag and black cuffed heels is all you need to look absolutely fab this season. Pastel blue jackets always look amazing with monochrome toned pieces. If you want to play with prints, pair your jacket with some printed tights or skinnies to look trendy and fresh this winter.

Finding the perfect leather jacket may seem like a daunting task but hopefully this list will help you find your special one. Or if your budget allows, why not get them all? Rest assured, it will be worth splurging on this fashion staple. It can glam up any look and lasts for years to come. All the styles mentioned are easy and comfy to wear so that you look confidently on trend anywhere you go.

If you’re still unsure about pastels or want even more of them, check out this article on how to wear pastels this spring.


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