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7 of the Smartest Tips When Travelling with Kids

So, you have decided that you finally can take your entire family on a trip abroad. The kids no longer need to be carried around, and you have been successful in developing their self-regulating abilities. Most importantly, you have found a family vacation deal you can afford.

Everything is set, but as a parent, it never hurts to have a well-thought out game plan for travel. There is nothing like young children to make certain situations rather volatile, so you need to be prepared. For this, gathered below are seven smart tips on how to travel abroad with your kids like an absolute pro.

Tip 1: Avoid making your kids wait

You and your spouse should be as efficient as possible in accomplishing tasks. This way, you can avoid making your children wait. Everybody knows how bad things can get when young children get impatient.

For example, when getting ready to board, one parent should take care of loading in the gear and be getting their seats inside the plane ready. The other parent, meanwhile, should keep the little ones entertained and make sure that they will be among the first to board — an arrangement most airlines uphold.

Tip 2: Bring disposable toys

Avoid bringing any of your children’s precious toys when traveling (except for the “huggy bear” that helps them go to sleep).

Instead, opt for balloons and a small container of bubbles. A pack of five balloons will not take a lot of space in your luggage. Ditto with the bubbles. These toys will not break anything in your hotel room. Best of all, while they provide a lot of fun for the little ones, you can just throw them out at the end of the trip.

Tip 3: Research where the nearest “familiar” dining establishments are

It is crucial to make meals as hassle-free as you can. The luxury family hotel you will be staying at may be the home to some of the most popular restaurants. But, when you are with children, you will have to forego with them first and take the little ones to the “golden arches” (or any restaurant they are familiar with) instead. So, find out where the nearest one is to your hotel.

You have to ease your children into the unfamiliar environment, and one of the best ways to do this is to take them to a restaurant that just generally feels a lot like the ones back home, serving food they know.

Typically, after a familiar dining experience, kids become more open to other restaurants. After all, they already know where the flavors they know are located and they can just easily go back there if one restaurant does not work out.

Tip 4: Let the little ones try street food

Some parents are iffy about letting their children try street food but if a street food vendor seems to have good sanitary practices for the business, give the offerings a try. It’s a good way to introduce new flavors to the kids and avoid wasting a big amount of money if they decide that they do not like foreign food.

Tip 5: Download a restroom finding app

When you are traveling with kids, it always helps to have information on where the nearest restrooms are. The little ones “go” often and you never want to make them hold it in for a long time. A restroom finding app will find the nearest one based on your actual location.

You can use such app easily if you have a phone plan that includes an Internet service.

Tip 6: Request the hotel to childproof your room

Top hotels are always willing to accommodate special requests to ensure guest satisfaction. So, do not hesitate to ask your hotel to childproof your room and give them a few instructions on how to do that, such as locking the drawers and windows, closing the doors to the balcony, and covering electrical outlets.

Tip 7: Wear your most comfortable clothes and pack flip-flops

This can bring a huge sense of relief especially if you will be traveling around a country with a warm climate. Comfort and modesty are key when you are traveling with children. You want to make sure that you are not flashing people a clear view of your décolletage or the band of your knickers, especially when you need to tend to your kids.

Also, pack thin flip-flops for the family because even the most comfortable shoes can feel inconveniently hot after hours of walking around.

There you have it, seven of the best tips to use when you are traveling with your kids. With these tips, you can avoid the stress of having to face the usual issues that arise when traveling. And instead, you can better ensure a positive experience for everyone.


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