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11 Cost-Effective Car Mods Every Car-Enthusiast Must Opt For

You won’t find a single man who doesn’t love cars. Their choices of car may vary as there is an array of models, but every car lover has a special place for personal car in their heart.

People love their car regardless of its model and market price. A lot of them like reflecting their personality through their cars and that is why they choose to customise or modify their machines. Adding a personal touch to one’s car not only makes it unique, but it also makes heads turn for its special look or features.

One may also feel that something is missing in their car, no matter how many amazing features, beautiful interior and gorgeous paint jobs it has. This is another reason why we all love making modifications in our car be it a small or huge one.

There are many car modifications that you can add to your beast, but each one comes with a price. Some people love to enhance the performance of their car by making modifications to its engine while others may want to transform its interior look and outer body style.

All these kinds of modifications require a professional mechanic or car modification expert that can be very costly for you, and those with tight budget may not be able to go ahead to bring some modification to their car.

Well, if you are one of those car lovers who cannot afford professionals right now, but wish to bring some modifications to your car, then this guide is just for you. There are some mods that are very cost-effective and can easily be implemented in any car without any additional help. Even the most inexperienced person can easily install these modifications to add a personal touch to their car.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to drive through some of the modifications that can modify your car’s colour, lighting, and other interior and exterior features.

Let’s get started!

Headlight Upgrades

If you have an older car, chances are it might have halogen headlights; and you can easily upgrade them. There are many upgrades for car’s headlight, but HID4 and LED lights are currently in trend. Even the most valuable brands use these headlights for their cars. You can find the conversion kit for it at any auto spare parts store and upgrade your old lights with new ones.


Interior LED Lighting Kit

Many people love to have LED lighting in their car’s interior; it makes both the car’s interior and exterior appear to be cooler. LED lights can easily be installed to brighten up car’s interior and you can choose from a variety of colour and designs. Installing new type of headlights changes the overall look of your car and let us tell you it’s the most cost-effective way to alter its front look.

Seat Covers

It’s very common for car seats to get dirty over time and no matter how much you try to hide the stains and tears in thermo, they will always come up again and again. Instead of hiding these stains, gift your interior with a new look and colour of seats. You can also opt for leather seat covers as they are in trend now. Also, seat covers are easy to install and comes in a wide variety of materials.

Car Wrapping

car wrapping
Well, we cannot say that this is a cheaper car modification, but it is something that every car owner can afford. Vehicle wraps are a great option for those who really want a new look for their car and it’s much better than investing in getting a new paint job. With car wraps, you can completely transform your car into a beautiful beast to roar on the road.

However, it requires a professional to install vehicle wraps on your car, but if you’re patient enough, then you can install them yourself. Also, you have to the choice to choose the parts of the car you want to get wrapped with some amazing graphics and designs. Some people prefer to wrap their entire car, whereas others prefer to wrap side mirrors or hood.

Windshield Wipers

Most people don’t even know about this modification, but windshield wipers are a great way to add a new look to your car. Also, these wipers are available in different colours and styles, so you can choose the one you love to improve your car’s coolness factor.


You must be aware of the term emblem- it is the car’s brand marker. But, you might not be aware of the thing that it can also be upgraded. Most people who always look for something to modify in their cars often bling out or colour up the car’s emblem. You can easily find these emblems at any brand auto store with different colours and materials.

Neon Ground FX

One of the coolest things that people loved to do in the 90’s was adding neon colour lighting on the exterior. And for them, it really didn’t matter how old their car was and how fast it went. It is a feature that will make your car noticeable by everyone on the street. Imagine driving a vehicle that is flashing out the light on the dark road in the night.Won’t it be amazing?

Stem Valve Caps

There are some cool variations of stem valve caps available in the market. People often purchase these caps in different colours so that they can match it with their car’s theme. Some people even prefer to bling them out with crystals, but you need to be careful with it. If you install too extravagant stem valves on your car, chances are someone can steal them from your car when you’re not around. Also you may have to get it imported from outside the country.

Phone Holder

Obviously, it is difficult for a car owner to use his phone while driving; a great solution for this problem is using a phone holder in your car. Adding a phone holder on the front can add a cool feature to it. Also, it is a functional way to view your mobile navigation system. You can get cell phone holders in different varieties and colours. So, choose one that matches your car’s theme.

USB Charger

If you use your phone while driving, then you also need a USB charger to keep your phone charged while being on a long ride. A USB charger is a noticeable feature for people sitting in your car. It also allows you to add electronics and other portable devices, such as a pen drive or Bluetooth device when you’re on your way.

Video Screen And Monitors

A video screen is a great and cool way to enhance the interior beauty of your beast. People, especially teenagers often love to watch movies and listen to songs while going on long trips, and for them it is a cool must-have feature. If you are good with electronics, you can easily add a video screen in your car all by yourself.

There are countless modifications to make in your car, and it all depends on you, how much you want to modify your car. Mentioned above are a few modifications that you can easily implement in your car. So, go ahead and try them out on your favourite ride!

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