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What to Do When Your Car’s a Mess and You’re Without Hope

We have all been intimidated by a mess that has accumulated in our cars. But there’s no need to worry because this doesn’t have to be a constant or permanent circumstance. With the right tools, organization methods, and daily cleaning habits, you never have to dread the thought of your car being a mess again.

This is what you need to do when your car’s a mess and you’re without hope:

Get organized

The first course of action to take is organizing what is already in your car. This can range from important documents, CDs, and even small accessories such as hand sanitizer or paper maps. Give each item a designated area, such as important documents in the glove box, or CDs in a specific case that can be stored in the side compartments of the car. If you are organized, you will avoid the headache of losing things and never feel frantic when needing to find something immediately.

Use a trash can or bag

It’s easy to toss aside a wrapper in the backseat or leave it in the cupholder – but doing this often eventually turns your entire car into a trash bag! Establish a place for trash alone, such as a small trashcan or even a plastic bag tied to the back of the passenger seat. As long as you have a place to store trash, you will feel more inclined to use it.

Leave essentials in the trunk

Another way to keep your car clean and prep it for future situations is to keep essentials in the trunk: medical supplies, extra change of clothes, emergency gas money, etc. To take organization one step further, use a trunk organizer to store these items as well as leave a substantial amount of room for groceries. Don’t treat the trunk as a throwaway area!

Acclimate the car to your lifestyle

Reflect on the type of lifestyle you lead and the constant elements in your life: are you a parent with multiple children, an individual who likes to travel outdoors often, or an office worker who simply commutes back and forth to the office and spends your social life in the city? Once you take your lifestyle into consideration, you can then add specific elements to the car that will make your life easier and more efficient, such as a rack system to store snowboards or straps to secure a child’s seat.

Get routine maintenances done

Last but not least, get regular maintenance and tune-ups done on your car. Don’t neglect getting your oil changed, brakes checked, and tune-ups. There’s no point to cleaning up a car if it isn’t functioning at its best.

Your car will not be a mess forever if the proper action is taken. All you need to do is stay consistent with good organization and cleaning habits and avoid the build-up of trash. It may take some time, but eventually you will become an expert on both taking care of your car and keeping it clean.

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