So, what are the best iOS Tweaks out there?

An iPhone is a popular choice by many, and as such you would think it has everything that you need. However, there is more that can be done to tailor it to your specific needs and give it the functionality it ought to have had when it was sold to you. All is not lost, however, there are various tweaks available for iOS devices. On the internet you can find the best ios 13 tweaks with ease. Tweaks that will benefit useability and extend the purpose of your iOS device.

What is a Tweak?

To tweak, by definition, means to make small adjustment to something. To fine tune something to specific requirements. And this is exactly what is happening with iOS phones these days. After jailbreaking their phones, users are then exploring ways in which they can adjust or fine tune their mobile devices to satisfy their needs. They are seeking out websites that offer free downloads that can tweak their phone into submission. Our phone should be our servant, not the other way around. It should be capable of achieving the tasks that we ask of it. Unlike hiring a servant, however, these tweaks can be available for free. You can improve your phone’s performance yet at no cost to you. It makes logical sense to give it a try at least.

For more information on iOS tweaks, there is an article online that you can read. It will go into more detail about the types of tweaks possible.

Who Offers Tweaks?

There are many companies on the internet who offer tweaking services, so we shall just select one for an example.

Cydia, for instance, is a company that will enable its discoverers to find and then install software capable of being used on jailbroken iPhones. That is phones that have been made receptive to new software solutions and apps. A quick search of the internet can reveal five of their best tweaks for iOS 13 are:

AppDrawer is an Android-like application drawer for iOS. It provides easy and fast access to an alphabetical list of your installed applications.

Auxo 3 provides an efficient task switching experience along with other features for the iOS.

CallBar offers a complete call handing system and FaceTime audio calls for the iPhone. It, too, offers CallKit calls including WhatsApp, Sykpe, and Viper.

Delete Forever allows an Apple phone to permanently delete photos.

FlipControlCenter will customize switches in the Control Center of an iOS device. It will block access to the device’s protected switches when the Camera, Clock, or Calculator apps are open on the lock screen and the iPhone has a passcode.

Is Tweaking the Future?

The tweaking of iOS, Apple iPhones, is certainly trending. This is because no mobile phone brand or model can offer it all. This is, of course, defined as “all” in the eyes and mind of the buyer, who usually knows just what they want. And it is for this reason that many of us end up buying one mobile phone whilst wishing it had at least one of the features of the one that we left behind with the sales assistant. So, tweaking will continue, as it will never be possible to satisfy everyone.

We therefore continue in our mission to find the best tweaks out there. Tweaks on offer for our mobile devices from the likes of Cydia, who are really stepping up to the challenges of this market. There is so much choice out there and it comes at no direct cost to the mobile phone user, just adds benefit. We just do not know the features that we are missing until we unlock our phone’s potential.

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