Destruct PRO ensures your crypto assets are safe when getting rid of your computer

Diving in the crypto space also involves a certain level of financial responsibility. In addition to a correct risk management when investing, another key factor anyone in the crypto industry should have is to use secure methods in order to protect funds, especially for those who decide to store those funds locally on their machines.

When doing the so called “cold storage”, i.e., storing crypto assets in a local computer, it is very important to ensure the security of that data in every situation. So, other than the usual safety tips that apply to cold storage, it is also relevant to dispose of data in a proper and absolutely safe way.

Selling or lending computers is something very common these days, as is recycling computer components. However, all of these actions raise security concerns because, if the hardware falls in the wrong hands, there is the potential to recover data – even if the user performs a full formatting of the device’s hard-drive.

With this in mind, the need to ensure all data is completely wiped when a computer goes to someone else’s hands becomes super important, and more so when we are talking about a lot of money.

To bring ease of mind to everyone, including owners of crypto assets stored locally, Lovell Tec has developed Destruct PRO, a definitive solution that makes it impossible for any personal or relevant data can be retrieved from an hard-drive formatted by it. This may sound like a bold claim but, once you dive in the process, it makes complete sense.

Destruct PRO uses a 3-phase cryptographic wipe that consists of these steps: first, a normal formatting is done, which ensures most data is cleared anyway; then, the disk is swept so that cryptographically scrambled data is overwritten in the entire disk, effectively replacing any leftover data; and lastly, a new normal formatting takes place.

This three-step process ensures that, even if someone tried to recover that from a disk after Destruct PRO did its thing, any successfully recovered data would be encrypted gibberish, which has no meaning whatsoever, rendering this already expensive and time-consuming process absolutely useless.

Coming in a sturdy and good-looking USB drive, Destruct PRO complies with the NIST 800-88 standard, the de facto standard related to compliance for Media Sanitization, and is available for purchase in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched by Lovell Tec, who expects to ship still in 2020.

If you use any cold storage solution of crypto assets and are thinking about selling/lending your computer or sell/recycle its hard-drive, ensure the safety of your assets with this smart and useful tool.

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