How Omniscape is setting new boundaries in the publicity industry

Nowadays we can already see just how Virtual Reality (VR) has been improving in the last few years. Although not exactly new in the market, bigger and better technologies like Oculus Rift, Samsung VR and Google Cardboard are emerging and getting widespread. With these gadgets, the most remote possibilities can be explored, such as “being” in environments completely different from our physical reality.

As you might imagine, industry leaders are betting on VR content production to leverage technology to dazzle their customers, stand out in the media, and gain a competitive edge over more cautious and not-so-daring competitors. And, taking advantage of this interest, other companies are developing innovative platforms that make the most out of these technologies.

Omniscape has developed a platform that blends BR and Augmented Reality (AR) with real-world locations, providing brands and businesses with a way to easily advertise in that virtual world as if they were in our real world.

With this platform, end users are able to buy virtual real estate and then monetize their properties by renting them whenever brands want to use them for advertisement, or directly negotiate those virtual properties. This can be taken even further, with some companies providing virtual rewards inside Omniscape, which can then be used in the real world.

Robert Rice, the CEO and founder of Transmira (the company behind Omniscape), shared his view on the merits of the platform:

“We basically blend augmented reality and virtual reality together, with a focus on location to basically help businesses and brands connect with each other and provide really cool, amazing experiences for consumers that they can obviously have fun with, but they are also monetized. So, the idea is to basically help, again, businesses and brands drive traffic to stores and give consumers fun and interesting experiences.”

With Omniscape, brands have the opportunity to take full advantage of the VR/AR tech we have nowadays, to engage and retain their customers in a way that is different and fun for everyone involved, while also being clearly innovative.

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